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Changes to email notifications from Nokia Beta Labs


Please note that there will be a change in the email address used for sending notifications from Nokia Beta Labs.

Email notifications will soon be sent from betalabs@comms.microsoft.com instead of betalabs-notifications@nokia.microsoft.com.

This change applies to the following kinds of messages:

1. Daily digest emails, which notify you of new responses to your feedback submitted on the site

2. Survey request emails about trials that you have joined at the site

3. Trial-specific emails about trials that you have joined at the site

To continue receiving these messages, please ensure that the new sender betalabs@comms.microsoft.com is not blocked by any filters or sorting rules in your email inbox.

And if you wish to receive these messages to another email address, you should update your primary email address that is associated with your Nokia Account at https://account.nokia.com/

Best regards,

 - John,  Community Manager @ Nokia Beta Labs

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