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Beta trials for Lumia apps to continue at new site

That’s right.  We’re moving.

Beginning this month we will start hosting all new beta trials for Lumia apps at a new site, based on services provided by UserVoice.  You can preview that site at http://lumiabetaapps.uservoice.com .

That site will be the new home for beta trials for Lumia apps.  There you will find info about ongoing trials, instructions to install beta apps, and notes about app features and known issues.  And for each beta app there is a feedback forum where you can give feedback about the apps, vote on others’ feedback, and interact with the teams developing the apps.

Trialing beta apps with our most passionate lead users remains a key phase of our product development and helps us to build better products.  By switching to a new site built on the UserVoice service we focus on what’s most important – gathering feedback and interacting with people testing our apps – while at the same time simplify the end-to-end experience of participating in beta trials.

The Nokia Beta Labs site that is now available at http://betalabs.nokia.com will be discontinued on September 5, 2014, and all links to the betalabs.nokia.com domain will redirect to the new site.  All content hosted at the Nokia Beta Labs site will no longer be available after the site is discontinued.  However, many of the trials ongoing now at Nokia Beta Labs will continue at the new site and you will be able to continue giving feedback and interacting there.  For example:  


You can find more info about this change posted on the new site, including a tutorial about how the site works.  We’ll post more information to both sites as we prepare for the switchover.  Additionally, you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all news and alerts related to our beta trials.

- John, Community Manager

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